BEM Worship Team Kuching

Thank You!

A big and very huge thank you to all committee for their great afford, preparation, contributions, energy, and time in order to assure this event run well. Meeting from month to month and weekly (the last month) is a big sacrifice from the team. Few tours had been done too, The City SIB, Good News Fellowship (Green Height) and SIB Shallom. Flyers was distributed to few places like in St. Joseph Cathedral, St. Thomas Cathedral and St. Faith church just to assure the promotion went well. Beside that, three (3) press release was done in Borneo Post too. It is such a great contribution from the team. And also Thank you to The Hub for letting us to have your place as our main meeting places some other committee’s houses for meeting. Also to our sponsors, Mr. Patrick Lau, Mr. Ricky Chin, SEDC subsidiary company, Mr. James of Utraco Consultant, Mr. Lau and Mdm Ivy of Bumi Serasi for poster printing. We are so blessed and encouraged with your contribution. And also to band supporting to this event, LifeShifter Ministry, SoulCatchez, A Force Beat, Praise Valley and Serentuary for taking part and also becoming opening band for the event. Thanks to CEWC management for their great support in allowing us to use the place and L&A for their Light and Audio equipment. With everyone working together in unity for God’s work and kingdom, BIG things will be done in Him for our City! God bless you all and see you all in next Musical Celebration!


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