BEM Worship Team Kuching

Moment to Cherish!

This year Musical Celebration was hosted at the same place CEWC (ACS Building), Jalan Stampin, Kuching from 3 – 5 Aug 2012. And this year event was organized by Musical Celebration organizing committee with some new faces that voluntarily to involve, either in main organizing committee or as ushers (most from SMK. Batu Lintang). We are so happy to see many young people who contribute to this event, especially using their talents gift and capabilities. Some are in Photographing, Video shooting, Technical, ushers and many more.

It is good exposure for younger generation to take part in, involve and having fun together as they unite their heart, faith and love to take part in such event. “Friends, glad to see throughout the MC our Lord Jesus has been glorified in songs, music & dance. Scripture said if we honor Jesus we honor the FATHER. That is the great honor we had been given, to honor HIM. God bless…” said our committee advisor for Youth With Mission regarding this event.

Musical celebration involve many youth from different churches. Consist of SIB, Covenant Fellowship, Calvary, Gospel Assembly, Catholic, Anglican and Baptist Church. Even the participants also from different churches. Our guest artist for this year is Rhea Arella and Joshua Ahimsa with their wonderful testimony, sharing and music stir to the heart of young people in Kuching, revive their spirit and restore broken relationship with God. When ask about the event before leaving to Jakarta, she said “it is unity and this event is good for young generation to use their talents. Even our life is a competition in study, workplace and community” Prior to our theme for this year, Unlimited; we urge and encourage younger generation to use their talents and capabilities UNLIMITED-LY for God in His ministry!

This picture (with one of our committee daughter) taken after the concert while having supper with Rhea. And the night during award ceremony, the word of God was shared by Bro. Alphonsues about power of Music. In his sharing he mention that, David while he play his instrument, King Saul healed and the eveil spirit flew from him. We believe as the youth continue dedicate-ly and committed-ly to God’s vision in their life, especially playing music for God.

Keep it up guys and friends! God will use everyone of us to bless our nation and our people for His kingdom through our talents and our capabilities! God bless you all!


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